University can be an expensive business. Scholarships are a great way of helping out with these costs. They can also be a way of guaranteeing yourself a job when you finish studying.
Scholarships can come in a variety of forms, including:

   # academically competitive

   # financial hardship
   # rural students
   # war veterans children
   # disability
   # scholarships offered by specific companies and employers  

There are quite literally 1000's of scholarships out there and finding your way through the scholarship maze can sometimes be quite daunting.

The "Good Universities Guide" scholarships finder is the most comprehensive database of scholarships in Australia. You can search this to find scholarships in any state or region, at any institution or in any field or level of study and much more.

You can find specific scholarship information for every Australian university on each university's website - the links to these are here.

I will also post information on specific relevant scholarships on the "Scholarships" page which you can find under the "For Students" menu